Dear Mallory,

I'd like to thank F, S, H, J, M, F, B, K, and M for teaching me more than I ever wanted to learn about psychopathy. I don't think you ever realized the damage you did to others. They were never real after all, the people you used and discarded like broken toys. It may shock you, if you read this book and realize you are on the wrong side of it. At some level we are all innocent inside, even the worst of us. Rest easy. I'm not going to speak your name.

For what its worth, the lessons you taught me were not wasted. I've used every interaction we ever had to understand how your mind works. I've run complex, long experiments on you. Often I wasn't even intending this. It's just how my mind works. I like to solve mysteries and you were a deep mystery. You gave me good, solid data, so thanks for that. You are nothing if not consistent. The results are in my work, and this book. I would dedicate it to you except, no.

Pieter Hintjens

Brussels October 2015

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